Shopping tips

There are plenty of fine souvenirs to take home from Burgundy, apart from the wine. Given the region’s culinary variety and traditional craftsmanship, a broad range of options exists. 

Fromagerie Hess

7, place Carnot, Beaune

This exquisite épicerie on Beaune’s town square offers an immense choice of local cheese varieties. Délice de Pommard, Cîteaux, Ami du Chambertin and chèvre are all represented. There are many other specialties on sale, from this region and all over France: Kusmi Tea, foie gras, etc. Worth a visit, anyway! 

Boutique Maille

32, rue de la Liberté, Dijon

Maille has been a producer of exclusive mustard, vinegar, and oil since 1747. Various products are available for tasting daily in the Maille boutique in Dijon, and can be filled in lovely earthenware vessels straight from the tap. Maille’s spicy Dijon mustard in an attractive gift packaging makes an ideal gift to bring back from Burgundy.

Moutarderie Fallot

31, Faubourg Bretonnière, Beaune

Beaune’s last major mustard mill still in family ownership is open to visitors. In an interactive visit, you can even produce your own mustard. Fallot’s products are also on sale in many shops in Beaune. Fallot’s Moutarde de Beaune can be compared to Maille’s Moutarde de Dijon, without being quite as spicy.

Weekly Markets

Fine markets are held in both Beaune and Dijon on Saturdays and once during the week, in the market halls and on the market square. Fresh produce from the region and specialties are on sale here. A stroll through the market stalls whets the appetite and is a chance to find delicious items to take home. 

Chocolaterie Bouché

31, place Monge , Beaune

Founded in 1925, the chocolaterie Bouché is an institution in Beaune, located just at the entrance to the pedestrian zone. The family recipes are handed down through the generations. This is the place to buy excellent patisserie items, chocolate specialties and savory biscuits such as gougères (a local treat made with puff pastry and cheese).

Le Cassissium, Nuits-Saint-Georges

An induction into the secrets of cassis production awaits you on the Vedrenne Cassis premises, encompassing more than 1000 square meters, in Nuits-Saint-Georges.

Pain d’Epices Mulot et Petit Jean

13, Place Bossuet, Dijon

The finest gingerbread in France has been produced here since 1796. The main shop lies at the heart of historic Dijon and is an attraction in its own right. The company has two other shops in Dijon and a boutique on Beaune’s Place Carnot. 


5, rue de l’Hôtel-Dieu

At the heart of downtown Beaune, just opposite the Hospices de Beaune, wine buffs and gourmets will find books in various languages and accessories relating to wine and gastronomy, on over 1200 square meters of shop floor. What an enormous choice!


Dijon und Beaune

There are many interesting antique shops in the old town of Dijon, in Rue Verrerie and in the quarter of the prefecture and theater. Attractive wares are also on sale in Beaune’s Village des Antiquaires, located at the Rond-Point de l’Europe, and in Rue Maufoux. Each year in spring, Dijon also plays host to one of France’s major antique fairs.