The CHÂTEAU ANDRÉ ZILTENER in Chambolle-Musigny is one of the most beautiful residences in Burgundy. The careful renovations of the venerable buildings that were carried out in the original style, and the uniquely beautiful location at the Route des Grands Crus are a credit to the significance of this estate.
In addition to being a popular meeting place for wine lovers from all around the world, the château, as a four-star hotel, offers stays in a stylish environment. A total of 10 apartments, luxury suites and Chambres Deluxe are available, whose luxurious interiors meet the highest requirements.
The charm of past centuries is beautifully complemented by the convenience of modern amenities. It is a place where people who like to indulge in life can enjoy themselves. “Un luxe discret, agrémenté de gentillesse” (discreet luxury accompanied by warm hospitality), as the renowned French newspaper Le Figaro stated, or “the most beautiful hotel in Burgundy”, according to the American magazine Wine Spectator.